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July 13, 2010



We just had a lesson on prayer being our cell phone to Heaven. That is what your post made me think of but you can call our house anytime! We love you guys so much and your family is included in every prayer we have in our house. If someone forgets to ask a blessing to be with your family the other kids remind them and the prayer is started over. Lauren especially gets very upset if they don't bless "Aunt Shelley's Family". We are thinking of you and missing you guys. xoxo love you. Steph and fam


Ahh.. thanks Steph!
I LOVE that little girl Lauren. I think she and I have a bond, and I need to have her here with me. Thank you so much for the prayers, and for always being so sweet! I re-read this post, and have probably made everyone think that I'm wallowing in my grief. Some days yes, but, for the most part I'm doing really well.Of course I miss her every day, but I really am so grateful for the Plan, and the knowledge we have of a better life for her. I'm even getting dressed and getting out of the house this week:) We love you and miss you. Come visit... or maybe we will come to you. Anyway... Love you Steph

Kristi Rowley

Brianne, What a sweet little guy. He/You are welcome to call my number any time also. We love you and you are still in our prayers too. It always amazes me that the ones who are the closest to the one that has gone on, are the ones that pull everyone else through it. Don't feel bad about wallowing in grief. It is definately allowed. Love you soo much. Sending hugs to you!


So cute. I'm glad you documented what he said so you can tell him years from now. I bet your mama smiled at that too. :)

Shey Knight

Bri..I just found out about your Mom and I wanted to offer my sympathy. I hope that you and your family are doing well. Please tell Mitch that his CHO friend misses him :).

Shey Knight
Charlottesville, VA


thanks for sharing that. little people have so much faith. love you.

Aunti M

Dear precious ones....you are close to our hearts and minds....please know that we are always here! We just keep missing you...glad that Launi is back with you ...you can tend each other! We love you forever! xoxoxo Aunti M

shawna borg

OH, Brianne. I'm crying. I love this post. I love your sweet boy. I think your mom heard every word of that conversation - no phone needed. :)

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